3rd floor Barndominiums for sale

Barndollominiums are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a unique combination of features and amenities that make them a great investment option for investors.

With a 3-story apartment and two bathrooms, this luxury condominiums offers the perfect opportunity to live out your dream of a lifestyle in a unique, luxurious environment.

This Barndorghominiums 3-bedroom, 4-bathroom suite features a full kitchen and a master bathroom, as well as an outdoor patio.

The bar and kitchen are open to guests.

Barndorhills home is also equipped with a fitness center, a large living room, and an open-concept master bedroom.

The 2-bedroom suite offers an outdoor deck and a private patio.

Barondoll condos also feature a fully equipped gym and a large, private meeting area.

Barondoll also has a spacious master bedroom and an indoor pool with a spa and fitness center.

The 3-room unit offers a full-sized bathroom and two bedrooms.

The 3-level Barndolls main floor offers a total of 13 bedrooms, a 1,800 square foot basement, and a 10-car garage.

The unit is fully equipped with flooring, appliances, appliances and even a small kitchenette.

Barendoll has built a reputation for quality amenities and superior construction, and this unit is no exception.

Barndoor is located just off of the highway near the city of Lakewood.

The area is just north of the community of South Lakewood, about 10 miles east of the Lakewood International Airport.

Barrendoll has developed an award-winning real estate development, including a large condominium building.


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