Amazon to add flooring to new Amazon Prime-branded flooring

Armstrong, Michigan-based furniture and furniture products retailer Amazon has announced plans to introduce new flooring in its Prime-owned warehouses, which will be built in China.

The Prime brand, which has sold products in more than 200 countries and shipped more than $13 billion in merchandise worldwide, will begin to offer flooring made in the United States and Mexico starting in 2020.

The products are expected to include flooring from several different suppliers, including Armstrong’s bamboo flooring.

“We are excited to be introducing a new floor in our Prime-backed warehouses to help address the growing demand for flooring,” said Jeff Buhler, senior vice president of product management and innovation for Amazon.

“We are proud to work with Amazon to build a new platform that delivers flooring that is designed to last.”

The announcement is the latest in a series of moves Amazon has made to improve its relationship with local retailers, especially those that ship to its fulfillment centers in China, as the company seeks to expand its presence in the country.

In February, Amazon announced it was launching a pilot program to build warehouse floors in Asia, where it said it is targeting more than 2 million new workers.

Amazon is also expanding its reach into the emerging markets of South America, including Brazil and Argentina.

The retailer is building warehouses in the Brazilian city of Manaus and the Argentine city of Santa Fe, which are expected later this year.

Amazon has also begun to ramp up its efforts to sell Prime-ready products in China and Latin America.

Last month, Amazon signed a deal with the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.

to offer Prime-only products to Chinese consumers, a move that was first reported by Reuters.

In June, Amazon also announced plans for a new fulfillment center in China that will allow the company to sell more Prime-exclusive products.


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