Home Depot says it is removing all wood flooring in its new home depot

The Wall St. Journal is reporting that Home Depot is pulling all wood products from its shelves. 

It is also removing all of the light fixtures in its newest store, according to a company spokesperson. 

We’re going to be removing everything in our store including the lamps, the light fixture, and the ceiling fan, said Home Depot spokesperson Rachel Stoddard. 

Home Depot said in a statement: The company has implemented a series of safety measures to enhance customer safety and ensure that our customers receive the products they need to safely maintain and enjoy their home. 

These measures include: Installing new, independent, certified inspectors in all of our stores; reinstating a full-time, third-party inspector; installing additional fire extinguishers; and installing a new, high-tech, continuous-response system in all our stores. 

 Home-improvement retailer Lowe’s said in December it would close about 2,000 stores across the U.S. The home improvement retailer is replacing all of its wood floor tiles, wood floors, ceiling fans and lighting fixtures, according a Home Depot spokeswoman. 

There is no specific time frame for the change, she said. 

Lowe’s is the latest major retailer to announce plans to phase out all of their wood products, including flooring and wood-burning stoves. 

Last year, Lowe’s closed 1,000 of its stores, including the flagship Home Depot in Atlanta, the home improvement company said at the time. 

A spokesperson for Lowe’s, who asked not to be identified, said in an email that the company was “taking all measures necessary to ensure that customers receive our products safely, and we are continuing to evaluate our options.” 

Lowes has also announced plans to eliminate its wood stove sales in some stores, as it does with wood floor mats. 

In November, Home Depot also said it would phase out the wood floor lamp in its stores.


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