How to build a home of high-density, resilient wood

New Scientist article New evidence shows how to make wood flooring resilient to extreme weather, as well as how to build it from a source of high quality and low cost.

The study, published in Nature Energy, found that if wood floors are built from high-quality materials, like corrugated or laminated materials, and if they are used in combination with resilient walls, they can last up to 70 years.

The researchers also found that high-value wood floor material was able to absorb water and help retain moisture.

These factors make it ideal for homes built from wood, which can be resilient in harsh conditions.

The research, led by Dr Matthew Lacey, from the University of Queensland, also found the use of laminated floors with a laminate is better than polystyrene.

“The use of a laminated floor will result in a more consistent surface texture, better mechanical performance and a more resilient structure,” he said.

“Laminated floors are more expensive and tend to be more brittle than poly Styrene, but they are more resilient.”

The research is the latest evidence to suggest that, when it comes to building durability, high-level materials are key.

A study published last year showed that wood is better at absorbing water than plastic, and that wood floors can last for thousands of years, while polystyrenes last for about six months.

In fact, wood floors will last as long as they were made from polystyrian, a synthetic fibre with a carbon content of more than 80 per cent.

It is hoped that the new study will be useful in designing buildings that are resistant to extreme temperatures, such as hurricanes and floods, and help protect the vulnerable in future.

The new study is the first to examine the properties of wood floor materials, which has been a source for debate for decades.

“It’s not just about how resilient a material is,” said Dr Lacey.

“We want to know whether it is resilient in the extreme weather conditions that we are experiencing.”

“And it’s a challenge because we’re in a period where we’re facing a lot of climate change, where there are a lot more extreme weather events, and it’s not necessarily about the durability of the materials, it’s about what’s happening to the climate.”

The study has been published in the journal Nature Energy.


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