How to clean a rubber floor without the rubber

The rubber floor on a Toyota Corolla sedan in Seattle has become a magnet for dirt.

It has caught the attention of some on the local news, who say the rubber floor cleaner can kill bacteria on surfaces that have been touched.

But it has also sparked controversy among rubber floor cleaners, who argue the cleaner kills microbes in the air, and the odor can be a problem for people who use the product.

The Washington state Department of Health said Thursday it was reviewing the claims.

“We’re reviewing this and will take a close look,” spokeswoman Kristine Johnson said in a statement.

The agency also said the cleaning product can cause breathing problems.

A spokesman for the Washington state Health Department said Thursday that the agency is reviewing the complaints.

“If you are a consumer who has a rubber product on your floor, you are entitled to have it cleaned with a non-toxic cleaning product,” said Bill Johnson, the department’s acting deputy director.

Johnson said the agency has not seen any documented cases of the cleaner harming anyone, but she declined to comment on specifics.

The cleaner is a product called “Bonaside.”

It contains the mineral potassium permanganate.

It’s the same compound that is found in the mineral soil, Johnson said.

The product is sold under the brand name “Bona-Free” and can be found at local pharmacies, Johnson wrote in an email.

The company says the product can be used to clean floors and walls in bathrooms, kitchens and kitchens.

It does not specifically address how often the product should be used, Johnson added.

A product called Bona-Clean can also be used on rubber floors, Johnson explained.

“But for that to be effective, the surface must be clean of bacteria and viruses, and if that surface is not clean, then the floor is not going to be able to retain moisture,” Johnson said, adding that the cleaning can be harmful to people.

Johnson declined to say if she had received complaints about the product because she wasn’t the one selling it.

It is intended to provide an odorless cleaning solution that can be applied with a sponge or cloth applicator.” “

This product is not meant to be used for cleaning carpet, nor is it intended to be a cure-all.

It is intended to provide an odorless cleaning solution that can be applied with a sponge or cloth applicator.”

Johnson said that the company also does not sell products that contain sodium permanganates.

Johnson did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the complaints about Bonaside.

The Clean Air Task Force is also investigating the complaints and hopes to provide a report in about a month, Johnson told ABC News.

The group, which includes health officials, environmental groups and public health experts, has asked the state’s attorney general to investigate.

It says the complaints have raised questions about the state Clean Air Act.

The task force is made up of scientists, health professionals and attorneys.

The Seattle Center for Investigative Reporting found the cleaning products are not approved for residential use in Washington.

It was not immediately clear what the company has done to address the concerns.

The center did find a number of complaints about it, including from people who claim the cleaning spray can be toxic.


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