Luxury floor plans for a modern farmhouse

A farmhouse floor plan with a vertical garden has been built in a neighborhood of Jerusalem.

The Israeli construction site, built on land in the Givat Zeev neighborhood of the city, is located in an area known for its low-income residents.

The house was completed in 2014, but there was not much interest in it.

However, the building was chosen because it is located close to a Jewish cemetery and the area has been called “the graveyard of the Jews.”

The plan has the garden at the entrance to the house and a small courtyard, as well as a wall with an arch.

The building has been named Givah Yisrael.

The plan includes the gardens, but not the original home, which has been modified into a garden, a large terrace, and a large living room.

The interior has also been remodeled.

The architect, who is a resident of the Giveskop farmhouse and has worked in the nearby area for several years, told the Jerusalem Post that he was motivated to build a farmhouse because he had a “passion” for farming.

He added that the project is part of a campaign that aims to make Jerusalem the “Jewish capital of Israel,” and to encourage more Jews to seek jobs in the construction industry.

“We are going to create a bridge between the Gavekop area and the surrounding communities, so that we don’t end up like many other neighborhoods in Jerusalem, where we can only be Jewish, and only Jews, and Jews in a certain part of the country,” he said.

“We want to help build a bridge to the other side of the wall and help make it more Jewish, to the Jewish neighborhood of Givon.”

In a statement, the GIVESKOP Jewish community called the project a “love letter” to Givivat and the nearby communities that are “trying to create and sustain a vibrant, thriving Jewish community in the heart of Jerusalem.”

“We will continue to strive to build bridges between our neighbors,” the statement read.

“This is a dream for the whole of Giveskoop, and we will continue working on this dream.”


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