New house rules to tighten ‘vibrant’ Australian landscape

By the end of the week, the federal government is expected to make the final change to the way the state uses its vast landscape and is set to announce a raft of new rules.

Key points:The changes will see new regulations for farms and urban landscapes to be set up by December, but it will not be rolled out until the end.

The government has been considering introducing a “farm-by-farm” approach for yearsThe changes, to be introduced on Christmas Day, will apply to any rural land that is used by a farm, a city or a town.

They will apply from January 1 and are designed to ensure that all farmers are given the same rights as farmers who sell their land to developers.

“These rules will provide certainty to farmers in rural communities, particularly smallholder farmers, and ensure that rural areas have the same level of access to resources as urban areas,” Agriculture Minister Peter Dutton said.

“This will be a great opportunity for farmers to build their future and help grow our nation’s economy.”

The changes are likely to be welcomed by rural communities and the industry.

Farmers are worried the government’s new rules will mean more farms closed.

But a senior member of the industry, who did not want to be named, said he did not believe the new rules would change much about the farming industry.

“I think that what the government is trying to do is to give farmers the freedom to grow as much of their land as they want,” he said.

He said the industry did not support the change to farm-by type, but he did see the new regulations as being a step in the right direction.

“The rural sector has been very vocal in its support of these rules, particularly with the recent changes to the Agricultural Land Rights Act that we saw in the past few months,” he explained.

“We think it’s good to see the Government recognising that the agricultural sector is in some ways a very rural sector.”

Industry members say there is an oversupply of land, particularly in rural areas, and that they need certainty to continue to grow.

But the changes could also have implications for many more of the country’s rural areas.

“For some farmers, this will have a significant impact on their operations, particularly those that have not built their farms in rural Australia before,” Mr Dutton told the ABC.

“It will also be a significant change for the agricultural industry, for the industry in the state of Tasmania, for our smallholder communities, and for the Australian economy in general.”



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