The Latest on the House of Representatives floor plans

The House is expected to vote on the GOP plan for a floor replacement for the Capitol’s old north steps this week.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said he is “confident” the House will pass the floor plan by the end of the day.

Ryan said Friday that he believes the floor will be the first floor in the nation to have a new, modern floor, adding that “it is the first time that a floor in any of our legislative bodies has been replaced by an entirely new floor.”

The floor plan would replace the south steps, which were removed from the Capitol in the 1950s and replaced with the north steps in 1964.

In 2015, Ryan said the House would be the last House chamber in the country without a floor.

House Republicans will also vote on a bill to extend unemployment benefits for six months.

The measure is the most significant item on the agenda that Congress will take up on Monday.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said the floor replacement will not be a “bridge” to the Senate.

She said House Democrats are “ready and willing” to vote to extend the benefits and will work with Republicans to reach a bipartisan agreement to extend them.

“If they want to be able to do this, I will be there, and we will fight tooth and nail for this,” Pelosi said.

Pelosi said she expects Democrats will vote to add $5 billion to help pay for the bill.

Democrats are also likely to vote for legislation to expand Medicaid eligibility and to eliminate tax deductions for employer-provided health insurance and private health plans.

Democrats also want to add another $5.2 billion to the Federal Transit Administration to fund repairs to the Capitol and other Capitol facilities.

The spending package will also include money for Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor and for Amtrak commuter rail service.

The package also will include $1.1 billion for the construction of a new U.S. Capitol museum and a $1 billion fund to pay for future renovations.

The Republican plan calls for a replacement of the Capitol steps with a new glass wall, a new ceiling, a glass roof, and a new canopy.

House Democrats say they want the glass and canopy to be removed from both the south and north steps and the south stairs are considered one of the most iconic parts of the building.

They also want a new “mixed-use” center for a new and modern public plaza.

The new canopy would cover the north and south steps.

“It is not just a new look, it is a new way of thinking about the Capitol,” said Rep. John Lewis, D/D-Ga.

“We are going to try to do everything we can to protect it and keep it.”


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