‘We’re not afraid to tell you what’s wrong’: Australian banks have been hit by ‘unprecedented’ debt crisis

AUSTRALIA’S banks have warned they are not afraid of the prospect of a repeat of the 2008 global financial crisis and are in the process of implementing tough new measures to curb risk, amid an unprecedented economic downturn.

The latest data from the Australian Financial Stability Report showed Australia’s banks were at risk of insolvency in the next two years and the worst-hit lenders had lost $15 billion.

While the banks have come a long way since the financial crisis of 2007-08, they are still facing a major debt crisis that could see their businesses liquidated.

In particular, the big four banks – Commonwealth Bank, ANZ, Westpac and Westpac Reserve – are facing a massive debt load, with some analysts saying they may need to take drastic action to reduce their risk appetite.

Mr Dutton said the Australian banks were facing an unprecedented financial crisis, with the debt that is being incurred on their behalf and the risks they pose.

“It’s the kind of debt that you might get in a bubble and have to get out of because it’s too much,” he said.

“The debt that’s being incurred, the risk that’s been created by the debt, and the likelihood that it’s going to cause them to fail.”

Mr Ducey also said the banks needed to be prepared to take on more risk in order to stay in business.

“We’re at risk in our banks of being bankrupt in the event of a default by one of them,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne’s AM program.

“I’m very concerned about the fact that the big banks are facing an extraordinary amount of debt, but I think the big question is will they be able to absorb that debt and remain solvent?”

The Bank of Australia has been forced to issue new loans, which it says will allow it to continue to meet its funding requirements.

The Reserve Bank also says it is on track to repay more than $1 billion of its outstanding debt in a year’s time.

While there are some positive signs, Mr Duceys warning that there are risks, the outlook is still bleak.

“These are not things that you could get from a free lunch,” he added.

At this point in time, the Reserve Bank and the Bank of England have said that the economy is still at risk.””

What we’re seeing is an unprecedented period of debt accumulation that has occurred.”

At this point in time, the Reserve Bank and the Bank of England have said that the economy is still at risk.

“The Australian banking industry is struggling under the strain of the massive debt it has incurred, with ANZ’s net loss ballooning by about $50 billion in the past year alone.

Bank of America, which is the world’s third-largest bank by assets, has also been hit hard by the crisis, losing $50 million last year.

Bank CEO Brian Moynihan told the ABC the bank’s debt was “unprecise” and “not very sustainable”.”

It will be a challenge to balance those competing risks, and we have to continue in the right direction in the face of those challenges,” he admitted.

The ANZ chairman said the big six banks were on track for a net loss of about $10 billion in 2016-17.”

What we have done is have a strategy that has put us on a path to achieve a net profit,” Mr Moynihann said.

But he said there were risks in the industry.”

There’s no doubt there are risk factors out there,” he conceded.”

But there’s also the possibility that we will see some big challenges in the near future.

“Mr Moynihans comments came after Bank of America chief executive officer Mike Duke warned the industry was in for a tough time.

Mr Duke said the financial sector was on a “permanent trajectory” towards insolvence and he called on the government to intervene to help.”

In the coming years we’re going to see some very challenging times for the Australian banking sector,” he warned.”

That’s going be particularly so if we’re talking about the financial system as a whole.

“Bank of New South Wales CEO John Rau told ABC’s Lateline that the biggest challenge facing the sector was the growth of the Australian dollar.”

Right now, the dollar is going up and we’re trying to keep that up,” he noted.”

When we see that currency rise, we’re not going to have that sort of liquidity, that sort


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