What we learned from the MLB season in photos

The 2018 MLB season is underway, and while there are plenty of surprises and surprises, the big one is the World Series.

Here’s what you need to know about what we saw in MLB’s regular season and postseason, and how you can catch all the action with our complete MLB schedule guide.

The Cubs and the Brewers have made a pact that will see them share first place in the NL Central and the top of the NL wild-card standings for a combined total of 50 games.

But there’s one thing that both teams have to do: play the other in the World Cup.

For the Brewers, that means facing the Chicago Cubs in Game 1 of the World War II World Series on Sunday.

This is their first chance to get their game-winning shot at World Series glory since 1938, and it’s the first time that this series has been played.

The Cubs have won seven of their past eight World Series games, but the team’s World Series-winning run of dominance ended in 2009, when they lost in six games to the Cardinals.

While both teams played a bit of their own game in the postseason, there were a few key differences between the Cubs and Brewers in the series.

The Brewers won the NL pennant in 2017, and in 2018 they won the World Championship.

They also had more wins in 2018, and that means they can’t be outdone in the playoffs.

The Brewers, by contrast, have the second-best record in baseball (11-5), while the Cubs have the best record (11) and have only one more game left.

The 2018 NL pennants were decided by a single wild-cards game, and the Cubs beat the Brewers in a seven-game series on May 17.

The Dodgers won the series in six, and they will face the Brewers again on Tuesday, and hopefully for the first postseason game of the series, too.

The NL Wild Card game is at 3 p.m.

ET (10 p.n.

ET on MLB Network).

The Cubs and Cubs-Braves series will air live on Fox Sports Midwest, with the first game starting at 7 p.s.m., the second game at 8 p.t. and the final game at 9 p.p.m.:Sunday, April 12: Cubs vs. Brewers, 3 p to 5 p.a.

(FOX Sports Midwest)Monday, April 13: Cubs at Brewers, 7 p to 8 p (FOX SPORTS Midwest)Tuesday, April 14: Cubs @ Brewers, 8 p to 9 p (Fox Sports Midwest)(Fox Sports West)Wednesday, April 15: Cubs v.

Brewers (FOX), 9 p to 10 p (ESPN)Thursday, April 16: Cubs (@ Brewers, FOX Sports Midwest), 9:30 p.d.

(ESPN.com)Friday, April 17: [email protected] Brewers (ESPN), 9 a.m.-noon (ESPN2)Saturday, April 18: Cubsvs.

Brewers(FOX Sports West), 8 p-9 p.

(FoxSports Midwest)Sunday, March 31: Cubs(FOX), 8:30 to 10:30 a.d.(ESPN2, FOXSportsWest.com, FoxSports.com.com.)


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