When a floor washer washers in the neighborhood were using this method to clean the house, they were sued by neighbors for discrimination and harassment

In 2017, a group of tenants filed a lawsuit against a New York City home improvement company for allegedly discriminating against them for using floor levelers.

The lawsuit, filed in the Southern District of New York, alleged that the company had a “discriminatory, unreasonable, and unlawful policy that denied tenants the right to use floor levelering devices on their property.”

In response to the lawsuit, the company said it was “committed to improving the quality of life for all of our customers, including those who live in neighborhoods where floor leveling is common.”

The lawsuit was settled in 2018 for an undisclosed amount, but the tenant who filed it said she had been subject to a lot of harassment from the company and other tenants in the area.

In 2017 alone, the plaintiff’s husband was subjected to harassment by a floor leveling contractor, her husband was subject to harassment from a floor floorer, and she and her husband experienced harassment from other floor level owners.

“It’s like they’re trying to take your house.

You’re not allowed to leave your house,” she said.

“They have a policy that says you can’t leave your home, but you can leave your floor.”

In 2018, the plaintiffs were also sued by a group called the Tenants United for Justice (TUJ), who claimed that they were discriminated against because of their use of floor level equipment.

The group said that floor level is not used for maintenance purposes in the homes they live in, and that they would be forced to relocate if the company tried to use the equipment.

“We’re asking that you cease and desist from using floor leveling in your rental homes,” the TUJ attorneys wrote in a lawsuit.

In 2018 alone, they claimed that the plaintiffs had faced “extensive harassment, intimidation, and violence” from the floor level company, and had been “subjected to physical assault” by other tenants.

Tenants said that the floor leveling company was also using other tenants’ belongings as collateral in a debt collection suit.

A court filing on behalf of the Tenents United for JUSTICE stated that the floors had been removed, but that the firm had not yet received a court order to remove the floors.

According to a spokesperson for Tenants Union for Justice, the firm is “commissioning the removal of all floors” from their properties.

The spokesperson told Buzzfeed that the tenants’ actions had not been “prevented by the company.”

In January, a judge ruled in favor of Tenants Uprising, which claimed that floors were being removed by the flooring company, which had filed a motion to dismiss the suit, in the case of the lawsuit.

Tenant David Moll said that when the company told tenants that they could not use floor leveling, the tenants told them that they should take their floor.

“The floors were taken, and it’s like a joke,” he said.

Moll and his wife, Sarah, are not the only tenants to have been subject of harassment.

In December 2018, a tenant filed a class action lawsuit against the floor cleaning company, saying that they had been harassed and threatened by other floor leveling tenants.

The tenant alleged that her floors were removed without the tenants consent.

“All they did was remove my floors and leave me to deal with it,” the tenant said.

The complaint, filed by the landlord of the rental property, claimed that she had to hire security to stop the floor cleaners from removing her flooring, and said that she was “subject to repeated threats of violence, harassment, and intimidation.”

A month later, the court agreed to a settlement, which the tenant received.

In October, the landlord settled the lawsuit for an unspecified amount.

The settlement came after the tenants filed an appeal in the New York Supreme Court.

“When they filed the lawsuit they weren’t even sure if they were going to win,” Moll told BuzzFeed.

The tenants have filed a petition to the New Yorker Supreme Court asking the court to grant them a ruling in their favor.

“If they can’t do it themselves, what are they going to do?

It’s like it’s a conspiracy.

It’s a huge conspiracy,” Mell said.


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