When is it right to stop worrying about a condo bubble?

I’m going to start by saying that I don’t think there’s a condo boom happening right now.

There are some signs that the housing market has stabilised in the wake of the global financial crisis, and even in some parts of the country the housing crash is starting to settle down.

But there are also signs that condo prices are being driven higher by a global appetite for higher-end apartments and homes that are more expensive to buy than traditional apartments.

And it’s still not clear how much this is a bubble and how much it is a necessary correction to a market that is already struggling.

But if you look at what’s happening across the country, the condo boom is actually happening.

The trend is clearly happening, and it’s not a bubble.

But this isn’t an easy way to define a bubble: condos are a fairly new concept in the US, and there are a lot of ways to describe them.

But what makes them different is that they’re not just about price.

There’s an extra dimension to them.

In the United States, where most condos are sold at a loss, the average price of a condo is now around $1.6 million, according to a report by real estate analytics firm CBRE.

The median price of all condos in the country is $1,000,000.

This means that if you bought a condo for $500,000 last year, you’d pay about $1 million in sales taxes.

The condo boom isn’t just about the prices.

It’s also about the people buying them.

I spoke to several buyers, all of whom were either young or in their early 30s, and they said that it was a lot easier to sell a condo than to buy one.

I met a couple who bought a home in an upscale neighbourhood in the south of the city.

They were looking for a detached house that had a kitchen, living room and dining room, and that was affordable.

And then I talked to another couple who sold their condo in the same neighbourhood and they had bought a smaller condo for the same price as they did.

They both thought they had a pretty good deal and thought it would be a lot more difficult to get rid of their condo because they were both millennials.

This was also true in a lot a smaller, less affluent neighbourhoods.

“It’s a lot harder to get a good deal for a condo,” said one of my subjects.

And that’s partly because of the people who buy them.

There is a perception that a condo’s value depends on the number of people living there, and a lot people believe that they need a place to live, or that there’s no place for them.

So people are willing to pay more than they are for a house.

“A lot of people think it’s a waste of money to buy a condo because there’s just not enough people living here,” said another buyer.

But it’s also a lot less expensive to own a condo.

The average condo in Canada is around $2.3 million, but condos in Japan are priced at $3.3m.

A couple from the US bought a one-bedroom condo in a small, upscale neighbourhood of Seattle for $2 million.

“The fact that you can afford it, and you can live in the place and you have access to great amenities like public transportation and other amenities, and not having to pay property taxes and utilities is definitely a big draw,” said the buyer, who asked not to be identified.

So what makes condos a good investment?

First of all, you need to understand that they can be a great investment.

A condo is essentially a large house with a basement, and the condo itself has its own kitchen, dining room and living room.

And a lot new condo sales are actually based on people buying bigger homes that offer a lot.

A home with a full basement is a lot cheaper to buy, and many buyers are willing give that up for a larger house with an open floor plan, too.

“If you want to have a condo, you should be looking at a lot larger house than a smaller house,” said a buyer from a more affluent neighbourhood of Toronto.

A lot of buyers will look at a bigger house with more amenities.

This is also a big reason why people are looking at larger houses, like the two-bedroom home in the above example.

The larger the house, the more you need in the bedroom.

You also need more square footage in the kitchen, the bedroom and bathroom.

“With a bigger basement, you can have a lot better storage in the living room,” said an older buyer who lives in Toronto.

If you buy a bigger condo, it’s because you need it, not because it’s cheaper.

A few people said that they were more interested in a smaller unit than a larger one because they didn’t want to live in a larger condo with more people, or because they thought it was too expensive to live there.

“I don’t really think condos are


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