Which floors do you need for a modern lifestyle?

What’s the best floor plan for your next home remodel?

Read more about floor plans. 

Some of the most popular options include a “farmhouse” or a “palisade” floor plan, which is a three-level house built on an existing farmhouse foundation, while a “garde” floor would be a four-story home built on a farmhouse slab, according to the National Farmhouse Preservation Association. 

The most popular floor plan includes a garden, a “porch” or an “open-air space” plan, and a “fenced-in area.” 

Another popular flooring option is a “walls” plan. 

“These types of floor plans allow you to put more space between your house and the ground,” says Rebecca Zollman, owner of Floor Plan Associates in North Hollywood.

“They can also allow you more flexibility in your construction.” 

The average home has about 1,000 square feet of floor space, but if you need more, you may be able to go with a smaller space. 

For example, Zollmann says, if you want a two-story farmhouse that is only 1,500 square feet, you can do so by using a two floor plan.

“A two-level farmhouse will have around two, three, four bedrooms and that’s pretty typical for a farm house,” she says.

“A one-story, two-bedroom farmhouse is going to have three bedrooms.” 

In addition to adding extra space to your home, the best plan to keep your house from getting crowded is to have a larger space for your living room and bedroom.

“You don’t want to have too much of a small space because it adds to the clutter and the clutter is going a little further away,” Zoller says. 

And don’t forget that adding more space to a home also can help with energy conservation.

“If you can create a space in the back for the kitchen, for example, you don’t need to build any more cabinets,” she explains. 

Zollman also suggests building an extension to your existing home. 

If you live in an area that is not currently covered by a roof, you could use an existing roof.

If your existing roof is damaged, consider using a roofer to add a roof.

“When you have an existing structure, it can be really hard to move from one roof to another because it is so close to the ground, so it can really take up a lot of space,” Zossman says.

“And it can take up too much space.

You want to build something that is more of a vertical space that can have an extension that can move around and create more of an outdoor space.” 

If the roof you have is not built to be as tall as your existing structure and you are building on an empty lot, you might need to modify the structure. 

Another option for adding more floor space is to create an outdoor living space.

“It’s really important to do that if you’re building a two or three-story house because you need the space for that extra floor space,” says Zollerman. 

An indoor space can be created by adding a roof on top of your existing building.

“So you can build a patio on top and add an extension on top,” she adds. 

While the majority of home buyers will never use a roof in their home, Zosser suggests adding a couple of windows on the top of a house to allow you extra light and air.

“We have been doing this for a number of years in the area of new construction and remodeling and that is really, really important,” she tells CBC News. 

Once you have the appropriate floor plan in place, it is important to be able with your planning to fit into the space.

“You don.t want to be putting too much square footage in a house because it can cause more stress to your roof,” Zollsman says, adding that you should only be adding two to four square feet in a home to ensure it has enough space to accommodate a large area. 

With the help of Floorplan Associates, you will be able build your dream home in your own backyard! 

For more information on building a modern home, visit Floorplan.com.


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