Why did the U.S. kill the floor of a church?

There’s been a lot of talk about whether or not this is a Christian mission or a Muslim attack on our nation.

There have been some claims that it’s an attack on Muslims.

We’re now seeing the truth that this is an attack by Muslims on Christians in this country.

We don’t have a religious war here in America.

We have a Christian war.

This is an Islamophobic attack on Christians.

It’s an act of war.

There are many other reasons why the killing of the floor is a religious attack on Christianity, including the fact that it was not the first time that Christians have been killed.

It happened a few years ago in the Philippines.

It was a Christian missionary who was killed.

This killing is not an act by a Muslim, but an attack against the very fabric of our country and against the foundation of our Christian heritage.

There’s no justification for this attack.

It is an act in defense of our God-given rights as Christians.

As Christians, we have a sacred duty to defend our nation from the attack of an outside enemy.

This attack on the American Christian mission is another example of the threat to our Christian nation that exists and is being perpetuated by the Muslim world.

We cannot allow ourselves to be bullied into accepting Islam as the official religion of our nation or for our people to be divided into the good Muslim nation and the bad Muslim nation.

In recent weeks, there have been attacks on churches across the country.

The attacks have been carried out by Muslims.

In one case, an attacker who was armed with a knife and a shotgun opened fire on a Bible reading service in Florida, killing three people and injuring dozens more.

In New York, a man opened fire at a Baptist church, killing two men and injuring at least 20 others.

A Christian community center in New Jersey was also targeted.

The shooter was arrested in Ohio and charged with killing five people, including a 9-year-old boy, and wounding eight others.

There has also been an attack at a mosque in Virginia.

The attack was in retaliation for the killing last week of a local Muslim in Minnesota.

The FBI and local law enforcement have said that the shooter, 29-year old Dylann Roof, was motivated by the attacks on American Muslims in the United States and in particular, that he had a religious motivation for the attack.

Roof was a former member of a violent racist group that claimed to be a Christian militia and also held beliefs about the superiority of the Christian faith.

We know that the attacks are not isolated events.

They are part of a pattern of attacks against Christians across the United States, including in Texas, Kansas, and Alabama.

The Islamic State group also claimed responsibility for the shooting in Kansas, which occurred on the same day as the killings of three people at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colo.

And a video that was released on social media in recent days shows a man calling for the killings in Virginia and other states.

This man is not a lone wolf, but he is part of an ongoing international network of extremists.

And this is not just a domestic terrorism problem.

This international network is being carried out in many countries.

The U.K. has been hit with several attacks.

On Tuesday, the city of London was evacuated after a man wearing a suicide vest and carrying an assault rifle shot dead two women and a child at a shopping mall.

The man then stormed a nearby cafe, killing hostages and then himself, before being killed by police.

In Germany, an ISIS-inspired man stabbed four people to death and wounded seven others in a bar in the city’s city center, including an 80-year, blind woman and two young children.

It appeared that he was inspired by ISIS propaganda videos that have been released on the Internet.

He also killed a police officer, according to reports.

In Australia, police say they are hunting an armed man who has been seen carrying an axe and a gun near a shopping centre.

Police are still hunting for the attacker, but they have not identified the person.

In the United Kingdom, a 26-year long-term unemployed woman was found dead outside her home in Woolwich, a coastal town in southern England.

Police say the woman was stabbed three times and was found unconscious outside her front door.

The woman had lived alone in the town of Wood Green, near the city center of Woolwich.

She had been living with her boyfriend for almost a year and a half, police said.

She was found unresponsive in her front yard on Saturday.

The victim had lived with her ex-boyfriend for a year, police added.

The suspect is believed to be the same man who attacked the women and children in Woolbridge.

The stabbing was the second time in two months that a woman was attacked.

In March, an elderly woman was fatally stabbed by a man with an axe who fled the scene after being shot in the stomach by a passerby.

The attacker fled the city in a car, but


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